Monthly supply of any listed fragrance starting at ₹999/month

Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

I forgot my password. What should I do?

No worries! You can reset your password at the login page by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link.
Once you click on the link, you'll be prompted to enter the e-mail address that your account is associated with.
You'll receive an e-mail shortly after with a temporary password to access your account. Once you have successfully logged into your account, be sure to change your password to something more secure by visiting your Account Settings.
(PS: If you don't see the e-mail right away, please check your spam or junk folder, just in case it might've been incorrectly filtered!)

How does my perfume queue work?

When you subscribe to Scentdeck, make sure to select this month's fragrance within 12 hours of purchase so we can prepare your first package immediately -- log in, add new scents to your queue, and rearrange the order in which you’d like to receive them. If you haven’t chosen a scent by the cut-off date, we’ll make sure to automatically send you our featured Fragrance of the Month depending on your gender.
Starting with your second month, the queue lock-in deadline is on the date of renewal for your billing term. For example, if you have purchased the subscription on January 10th, the queue lock-in date for the second month will be 9th February 11:59pm IST. So you’ll have until then to choose your next fragrance.
*If your queue is empty after the cutoff date then we will automatically add the fragrance of the month to keep you smelling great.

How do I update my personal details of my profile?

Simply login to your account and select your name on the top of the screen or go to “MY Account” in the menu to update your personal details, shipping address, password & subscription plan. Just make sure to make any necessary changes before the lock-in deadline of the month otherwise, all changes will take effect in the next month.

Can I see what have I ordered previously?

In “My Account” you can see the history of all your perfumes. You can also see how long you have before you need to make your next selection. The account page also has a history of your à la-carte orders.

Membership & Subscription

How do the subscription plans work? What is the perfume queue?

As a subscriber with Scentdeck, you'll have full control over what you receive in each shipment when you add items to your queue. We use your queue as a roadmap and ship fragrances in the order that you've arranged. Your queue will indicate which month each item is scheduled to ship. If you decide not to fill your queue and your queue is left empty, you'll receive our featured fragrance of the month.
As a new subscriber, for your first order, you will have 12 hours from the time of subscribing to choose your first fragrance before the order begins processing for shipping. This allows us to be able to ship your fragrance out to you the very next day.
As an existing subscriber, you can make changes to your selection for the current month up until your renewal date. Your queue can be updated for upcoming months at any time!
If your queue is empty for the month we will send you our Fragrance of the month to get you smelling good for the upcoming month.
Once an order begins processing, we're unable to make any changes, so your queue slot for the current month will get locked.

What is the price & will there be any other hidden charges with the subscription?

The Price of subscriptions start at just ₹999/month and à la carte orders are for ₹1,199/-. You can view the pricing plans by registering here. All your Scentdeck orders(Subscription or à la-carte orders) won’t have any shipping or handling fees.
All the prices on Scentdeck are inclusive of all taxes.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Scentdeck does not store your credit card details on file. We do not auto-renew your subscriptions or deduct any payments automatically. For your convenience, you can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your membership, simply go to the “My Account” page, select "Plan Status" in the menu on the left side of the page. On the "Plan Status" page, click on the “Request Cancellation” link located at the bottom right of the page to begin the cancellation process.

If for any reason you would like to cancel a plan that is already purchased but not yet fulfilled, please contact us on Live Chat or drop us an email at

I forgot to choose this month’s scent, what happens next?

Don't worry we got you covered! 
You must add the fragrance of your choice to your queue before your due date. You can view your due date in the “My Account” section. If you do not select a perfume by your due date, you will automatically be sent the fragrance of the month. Each month a fragrance is selected by our perfume experts that we showcase.

Perfume Of The Month for WOMEN:

Perfume Of the Month for MEN:

I just Signed Up, what next?

The very first thing you should do is start filling your queue, as we lock your first month's scent 12 hours after subscription purchase. This allows us to deliver your choice of perfume to you at the earliest. Log in and select fragrances for your queue, or re-arrange your scents in the order you’d like to receive them.

Please note that if you don't choose a scent within 12 hours of your purchase, we'll automatically send our featured Fragrance of the Month depending on your gender. And don't worry -- you can always move around your queue if something new catches your eye. Just remember to do so before your due date, which is our recurring queue lock-in deadline starting with your second month. You can view your due date by visiting the “My Account” section.

Your order confirmation will have an estimated ship date so you’ll know when to keep an eye out for your first Scentdeck package. While you wait, check out our Shop, which is stocked with everything from new designer perfumes to extra cases for the scents you can expect to receive going forward!

Can I order one perfume, as a one off?

Yes certainly!
You can order a perfume just once. These are treated as à la carte orders and shipped as soon as you place an order. You simply have to select “One Time” on the product page while adding the product to your cart.

In a given month, can I order a second perfume?

For subscriptions
Not just yet, but hopefully very soon! We're working hard at giving you the ability to do this. In the meantime, we occasionally run campaigns and actions that allow you to choose a second perfume.
For à la carte orders
Yes absolutely! You can select as many perfumes as you like. Simply select the “One Time” option on the product page to add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout when you are done.

Billing & Payment

I need a break, can I skip / pause my subscription?

Unfortunately not yet, but hopefully very soon. We’re working hard on providing you with this functionality.

What forms of payment can I use?

We currently accept all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Shipping & Tracking

I just placed my order! When will it ship?

We’ll email your tracking info as soon as your order has shipped! Your tracking number is also accessible online from your Scentdeck account.

First Month / First Time Customer:
Your first Scentdeck package should ship from our facility and arrive at your door within 5 days of your subscription order. Just remember to choose your first scent within 12 hours of placing your order.

After the First Month
By the second month, recurring subscribers can expect their package to leave our fulfillment center within 2 business days after due date . If for some reason your payment doesn’t come through on the billing date and is processed at a later date, we will be shipping the package within 2 days after payment.
Since we ship in batches and work hard to customize each order according to the fragrance you’ve selected, delivery time may vary. In addition, because fragrances are considered Hazardous Materials and can only be sent via Ground Shipping, some unexpected delays may occur.

À la carte
À la carte orders  typically ship within 2 business days (please add travel time of 4 to 7 days on average, depending on your location).

What would be the cost of shipping?

Shipping is free on all our products. The price on the website is inclusive of all taxes and shipping. So what are you waiting for, Subscribe now!

How do I track my order?

As soon as your fragrance has shipped, you’ll receive an email with your tracking information. Just click on the link and it will take you to your shipping dashboard.
In case you can’t find the email, you can always access your tracking number from your Scentdeck account.  Simply hover over your name while signed in and select "Tracking". Once in "Tracking" you will be able to look at your tracking details.  If you click on the link below you will be sent directly to your tracking page.
Tracking Link:
The tracking information is typically available within 5 days after you have been billed.

I never received my parcel. Please help?

Please accept our sincere apologies for this! If you haven't received your product within 15 days of being billed  please reach out to our CS Team on and we will track your package or expedite a new shipment.

I received a damaged product. Now what?

If you receive a damaged product, have no fear we will provide you with a replacement or give you store credit for products. All you have to do is email us with the details and an attached picture we will take care of the rest!

Important pointers:
*Please attach a picture with your email so we can expedite the process.
*Please inform us about the damaged product within 5 days of delivery.

What countries do you ship?

We currently ship only within India, but we hope to expand internationally soon!

Returns & Refunds

I am having second thoughts, can I return my Scentdeck subscription?

We do not accept returns on subscription shipments or à la carte fragrance vials.
Scentdeck subscriptions are nonrefundable and ineligible for returns unless they are not delivered in perfect condition, in which case they are replaceable within 5 days of the original shipping date.
To minimize issues, please make sure to review your queue on an ongoing basis to ensure that we ship the fragrances you’d like to receive!


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